About Quilters Quest

We no longer have a shop open to the public, but our online shop continues to sell extra wide backing fabrics, quilt waddings and SewEzi sewing tables. Yvonne is also continuing to offer a Longarm Quilting service. Please Contact Us if you would like to arrange an appointment with Yvonne to discuss your Longarm quilting requirements. Yvonne is also available to teach workshops; if you would like Yvonne to visit your sewing group please Contact Us.

Quilters Quest is a family run business owned by Yvonne, an acknowledged quilter with a formidable reputation for striking designs. Yvonne started patchwork over 30 years ago and since then it has developed into a passion. She has attended patchwork classes delivered by various teachers, including teachers from Ireland, the UK and the USA. These have allowed her to build up a wide range of techniques which she passes on in her classes and workshops. She also designs quilt patterns and has a fondness for patchwork bags. The shop opened its doors in January 2004, mainly because Yvonne had a desire to have a Longarm quilting machine but had nowhere to put it at home. Initially she intended to have a small selection of fabric and concentrate mainly on providing a few classes and a Longarm quilting service. Over the years this developed into a lot of fabric, more weekly classes and workshops, and a very busy Longarm quilting schedule! Clare, Yvonne’s daughter, came onboard in 2011 and developed the online side of the business. Quilters Quest is now the UK and Ireland agent for SewEzi sewing tables.

SewEzi Sewing Tables:

A SewEzi sewing table is designed to create a better sewing experience wherever you want to sew in the home and beyond. The tables are ideal furniture for any sewing room; you can complete your patchwork quilting and other home sewing projects, such as curtain making or dressmaking, and have the advantage of being able to be packed away with ease - this is where they differ from traditional sewing cabinets. The SewEzi Portable and Grande tables have a flat sewing surface. This flat sewing bed acts like a permanent extension table. It allows you to sew a few more inches at a time and supports the weight of your project, causing less drag. Your sewing machine does not sit on top of a table, it sits on a shelf below the table top, this means your arms are not raised those extra few inches and you benefit from less stress and strain across your neck and shoulders. This ergonomic design allows you to sew more comfortably for longer.

There are currently 4 SewEzi tables available. The SewEzi Portable sewing machine table is ideal for smaller spaces and to take to retreats and classes; the SewEzi Grande sewing machine table is the ideal sewing room workstation; the SewEzi Extension table allows you to extend your work surface, creating options in the sewing room and beyond; and the RECENTLY LAUNCHED SewEzi Cutting and Design Table is a drop leaf, height adjustable, table on castors. A comprehensive range of accessories is available.

Fabric and wadding:

Quilters Quest provides an online shop for those wishing to purchase or simply browse the very best in high quality extra wide backing fabrics and quilt waddings. All our backings are 100% cotton suitable for patchwork quilt projects and the selection of waddings that we keep in stock are all waddings that Yvonne uses on a regular basis.

Longarm Quilting Service:

For those who love to piece quilt tops but do not have the time to quilt them Yvonne offers a computerised machine quilting service; this includes edge-to-edge, border & custom quilting. Your pieced top will be professionally longarm quilted with no need for marking or basting. Please contact Yvonne to discuss your requirements, arrange an appointment, or for a quote. Yvonne enjoys doing all types of quilting on the Longarm machine from computerised edge-to-edge to the more challenging work of custom quilting and free hand. She regularly travels to America for training to keep her Longarm skills and knowledge up-to-date.