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SewEzi Overlocker Table

The SewEzi Overlocker Table is designed to provide flatbed sewing when overlocking (also known as serging or flat-locking). This table accommodates large Overlockers / Sergers / Flat-Lockers and, unlike the Portable and Grande, the SewEzi Overlocker Table does not need an acrylic machine insert; the sewing machine aligns against the interior table edge for a snug fit. As with all SewEzi Tables, the SewEzi Serger Table does not have to be a permanent piece of furniture – it can be folded up and moved around when necessary.

  • Designed to accomodate all sizes of Sergers / Overlockers.
  • No limit to how many machines you can use in the table.
  • Flatbed sewing.
  • Ergonomically designed to prevent sore back and shoulders.
  • Sew anywhere in the home and beyond.
  • Folds easily for storage.
  • Easy to assemble, full instructions included.
  • £395 for 1 SewEzi Overlocker table with protective cover; delivery included within UK Mainland and the island of Ireland **

SewEzi Overlocker Specifications

  • Table Top Dimensions: 98 cm x 58.5cm (39” x 23”)
  • Table Height: 74cms (29”) with 3cm (1 ¼”) of adjustment.
  • Table Weight: 15 kg (33 lbs)

SewEzi Overlocker Table Accessories

Why do I need a SewEzi Overlocker table?

The SewEzi Overlocker table provides flatbed sewing. Sewing on a flat surface is much more comfortable than having your machine on a tabletop; your arms are not raised those extra few inches and you benefit from less stress and strain across your neck and shoulders. The big advantage of a flat sewing bed is having your fabric lying flat with minimal tension when travelling between the foot and feed dogs. When your machine sits on a tabletop the weight of the fabric can cause drag and create tension that can lead to a stretched or fluted seam - a SewEzi table gets rid of this problem.

What is an Overlocker?

An overlocker (also known as a serger) is a special-purpose machine that produces professionally finished seams, like those found on ready-to-wear garments. It uses between two and nearly a dozen threads to encase the raw edge of the fabric with an overcast stitch, while trimming away the seam allowance - all at speeds of up to 1,700 stitches per minute.  Instead of a bobbin and single needle, the overlocker has a cutting blade, “loopers” and multiple needles. Overlockers are used to clean-finish seam allowances although today’s models can do far more than that, and they have become increasingly easy to operate, creatively diverse in their stitch capability and more economical than ever.

Overlockers, originally used in industrial sewing places, are an asset to home sewers. Not long ago, overlockers were only available for commercial use. The machines were huge, heavy and impractical for home sewers. Fortunately, the market has changed and there is a wonderful assortment of industrial-quality overlockers, at a variety of price points, designed specifically for home sewers. Different from a conventional sewing machine that forms a stitch with a bobbin and top thread, an overlocker works with loopers and needle threads that form an overlocking stitch.

About Quilters Quest

Quilters Quest is the UK and Ireland agent for SewEzi. SewEzi tables are designed to create a better sewing experience wherever you want to sew in the home and beyond. They make ideal sewing room furniture where you can complete your patchwork quilting and other home sewing projects, such as curtain making or dressmaking, and have the advantage of being able to be packed away for storage or travel - this is where they differ from traditional sewing cabinets. You can take your table to classes and retreats!

There are currently 5 SewEzi tables available. The SewEzi Portable sewing machine table is ideal for smaller spaces and to take to retreats and classes; the SewEzi Grande sewing machine table is the ideal sewing room workstation; the SewEzi Extension table allows you to extend your work surface, creating options in the sewing room and beyond; the SewEzi Cutting & Design Table is a drop leaf, height adjustable, table on castors; and the RECENTLY LAUNCHED SewEzi Overlocker Table.

Outside UK & Ireland

We use a courier service to deliver SewEzi tables and accessories within the UK & Ireland, if you live on a UK or Ireland off-shore island please contact us for shipping costs.

** Delivery to off-shore islands and remote regions may be subject to a surcharge.