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SewEzi Cutting & Design Table

The SewEzi Cutting & Design Table is a large drop leaf, height adjustable table on castors. The height is adjustable during assembly allowing you to set it at the perfect height for you to cut and design comfortably. Unlike a lot of other Cutting Tables on the market, this SewEzi table has two supports under EACH leaf - this means you can cut anywhere on the table without fear of it wobbling. Both leaves fold down to save space and there are shelves in the middle for storing your essential items - the shelves are accessible even when the leaves are folded down. This table is light enough to be wheeled around with ease yet sturdy enough, when the wheels are locked, not to move or wobble about. The SewEzi Cutting & Design Table is an ideal piece of furniture for any craft room! No longer will you have to bend over your dining room table, hurting your back in the process, to cut your fabrics. It is also ideal for layering quilts on, again there is no need to bend over your kitchen or dining room table or even the floor; place your backing, wadding and quilt top on the SewEzi Cutting & Design Table and work comfortably.

SewEzi Cutting & Design Table Features

  • Extra-large sturdy work surface.
  • Height adjustable during assembly, 4 heights to choose from.
  • Folds down to almost 1/4" of its maximum size.
  • Lockable wheels.
  • Storage shelves.
  • £695 for one SewEzi Cutting & Design Table; delivery included within UK Mainland and the island of Ireland.

SewEzi Cutting & Design Table Specifications

  • Table Top Dimensions:  With both leaves fully extended: 75" x 37½", with one leaf extended: 46" x 37½", with both leaves dropped: 20½" x 37½”
  • Table Height:  Adjustable during assembly, 31", 32", 33", 35"
  • Table Weight: 38kg (84 lbs)

SewEzi Cutting & Design Table Accessories

The Cutting & Design Table is designed to be sturdy! All the hinges and latches are placed so that the top has the optimum support creating a strong stable work surface. The table can be set at different heights depending on your preference. The table has 8 lockable wheels to make it easy to move around your sewing room or home. The Cutting & Design Table easily folds down to nearly one quarter of its full size for storage; when the leaves of the table are folded down it measures 20½" x 37½". The hinged supports can be folded back in any order when putting the leaves of the table down. There are two shelves in the centre unit which can be used for storage. The top shelf has two height options. The Cutting & Design Table is shipped in 3 boxes, full instructions are included along with all the tools required for assembly. The table can be broken down into 9 individual parts without tools if it needs to be transported.

All SewEzi tables have a smooth working area made from MDF that is finished in white. The corners and edges of the drop leaves are rounded to allow for the free movement of fabric. The leg system and shelves are metal that has been powder coated.

About Quilters Quest

Quilters Quest is the UK and Ireland agent for SewEzi. SewEzi tables are designed to create a better sewing experience wherever you want to sew in the home and beyond. They make ideal sewing room furniture where you can complete your patchwork quilting and other home sewing projects, such as curtain making or dressmaking, and have the advantage of being able to be packed away for storage or travel - this is where they differ from traditional sewing cabinets. You can take your table to classes and retreats!

There are currently 5 SewEzi tables available. The SewEzi Portable sewing machine table is ideal for smaller spaces and to take to retreats and classes; the SewEzi Grande sewing machine table is the ideal sewing room workstation; the SewEzi Extension table allows you to extend your work surface, creating options in the sewing room and beyond; the SewEzi Cutting & Design Table is a drop leaf, height adjustable, table on castors; and the SewEzi Overlocker Table.

Outside UK & Ireland

We use a courier service to deliver SewEzi tables and accessories within the UK & Ireland, if you live on a UK or Ireland off-shore island please contact us for shipping costs.

** Delivery to off-shore islands and remote regions may be subject to a surcharge.