Quilters Quest Terms and Conditions

  • We accept payment online or by telephone. We do not collect or store any personal data in relation to credit or debit cards.
  • All prices are inclusive of VAT @ 20% where necessary.
  • Our measurements are approximate and are displayed in inches unless otherwise stated, for example, 108" means 108 inches.
  • You are making an offer to buy goods when you place an order with us. In the unlikely event that those goods are no longer available, we will advise you of this as soon as possible, your money will be refunded if no alternative solution can be found, and there will be no contract between us. Occasionally we may run out of stock on an item before our online store has been updated. In the unlikely event that this does happen we will do our utmost to re-stock the item as soon as possible; offer appropriate alternative goods; or issue a full refund. We will contact you to discuss the alternatives as soon as possible.
  • Some new sewing machines are too wide to fit into the SewEzi tables. If you are unsure about your machine please contact us with your machine details and we will let you know. We will issue a full refund of any money paid if a SewEzi Grande or Portable Table is ordered but is not suitable for your sewing machine(s).

Fabric and Wadding

  • Quilters Quest fabric and wadding is sold in multiples of ¼ meters (10”). For example, if you would like 3 meters of a 108” Backing Fabric simply enter '12' in the quantity box (12 x ¼m = 3m), this means you will be sent a piece of fabric measuring 120" x 108" (3m x 2.75m.
  • To work out how much Backing Fabric and Wadding you need we recommend adding 6" to the final measurements of your patchwork quilt top - for example, if your quilt measures 76" x 88", we recommend your wadding and backing piece should measure at least 82" x 94" - those extra few inches will allow you to put the layers together more easily and for any shrinkage during the quilting process. It is always better to have too much than too little!
  • Pre-washing. We recommend that you pre-wash fabric only if you are going to wash the finished project at some stage. You must NEVER pre-wash your wadding, it should only be washed after your project has been quilted. Opinions on pre-washing fabric are wide and varied; there are pro’s and con’s to both sides of the argument but ultimately it is entirely up to you. Fabric is pre-washed to remove excess dyes and to pre-shrink the fabric - a 100% cotton project could shrink by approximately 3% when washed. If you are going to prewash your fabrics here are some very basic rules: Always test a small sample of your fabric to see what effect, if any, there will be. Separate light and dark fabrics. Small scraps or strips should be placed in a pillowcase to reduce unravelling and tangling. Use a mild detergent with NO fabric softener. Use a short, gentle cycle at 30 degrees or less. When drying fabrics, it is important to iron them before they have completely dried. Finished projects containing both light and dark fabrics are best washed in cold water to prevent colours transferring. Pre-washing rich fabrics could cause the colour to fade slightly. Pre-washing will also alter the feel of your fabric.
  • Due to the limitations of colour printing and the large variety of smart devices and computer monitors available, the image colours on our website may vary from the actual fabric colours. Please use the images on this website only as a guide and DO NOT use them to colour match fabric.


  • Quilters Quest are the sole distributors for SewEzi in the UK and Ireland.
  • You must tell us the make and model of your sewing machine when ordering a SewEzi Portable or Grande table. In the unlikely event that we do not have an insert available for your sewing machine we will liaise with you and get one produced as quickly as we can. In the very unlikely event that your machine is too big for a SewEzi table, we will refund your order.
  • After an order is placed we will confirm a suitable delivery day with you. We use DPD to deliver SewEzi tables, Monday to Friday; SewEzi Accessories may be sent with Royal Mail, My Hermes or DPD. We will email tracking details, if available, before the day of delivery.
  • Partial courier charge refunds may be offered if your table is severely delayed due to the courier; if your item is delivered 5 working days later than the expected delivery day Quilters Quest may offer partial refunds up to a maximum of 50%.

Payment and Shipping

  • Quilters Quest reserves the right to notify you if the shipping charge to your chosen destination is significantly higher than the shipping rate indicated in your Shopping Basket. We will contact you with information about the amended rate and will only proceed with the order when you confirm that the new rate is acceptable and have paid the difference.
  • Delivery dates and times are not guaranteed. Remote locations can take an extra 1 - 2 working days. During busy periods there can be delays due to the volume of items being sent, please allow an extra day or two for delivery and please check your tracking.
  • Compensation claims for loss or damage must be made within 14 days to Quilters Quest. Should you need to make a claim please contact us within 14 days of your item(s) delivery date and we will make the claim on your behalf with the courier. ​Claims after this time cannot be processed. Do not send your claim directly to the courier as it will be refused. Approved claims must be accepted by you within 7 days. When a claim has been paid out Quilters Quest is no longer liable for the loss or damage associated with the delivery.
  • Quilters Quest cannot compensate for additional expenses, purchases or loss of income due to the delay or non-delivery of an item.

In-Store Pickup

  • This is only available by prior arrangement. You must get in touch to arrange a suitable time and date for pickup.