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The SewEzi Portable sewing table is our flagship design. It is a uniquely designed sewing table that allows you to choose where you want to sew. It can be used at home and you can take it to retreats and classes to sew on without worrying about sharing a rickety table with others. SewEzi tables offer you true flatbed sewing which saves your back and neck from fatigue and cramping. The portable table has been specifically constructed to provide a stable sewing platform while still being easily transportable. The SewEzi Portable sewing table allows your sewing machine to sit down into the table to create a flat bed with the help of an acrylic insert.

The SewEzi Grande is a relocatable sewing and quilting table designed for your sewing room. This table gives you a spacious and comfortable workstation to sew and quilt your projects on. Your machine sits down into the table to produce a large level surface allowing for effortless flatbed sewing.

The SewEzi Extension table uses the same leg system as the SewEzi Portable sewing table. It has a slightly larger top with no cut out and is designed to give extra space when sewing. Having it as a separate table means it can be placed wherever it is most needed. The SewEzi extension table is the perfect accompaniment to the SewEzi Portable or SewEzi Grande but it can also be used by itself. The big advantage of the SewEzi extension table is you can place it where you need it most, beside or behind your sewing workstation. It also has its own travelling case and pop out wheels to make transporting easy.

The full range of SewEzi accessories available to order at anytime:

  • Accessory Tray - attaches to your SewEzi Table for storage of your pins, scissors, spare bobbins etc...
  • Thread Stand - attaches to the SewEzi Table and allows the use of large cones of thread, includes a travel pouch.
  • Additional Pre-Cut Insert - this may be required if you would like to use your table with more than one machine.
  • Quick Change System - allows you to use different sewing machines with your SewEzi Table without having to reassemble the table each time.
  • Clear Acrylic (Light-box) Insert - convert your SewEzi table into a light-box using your own light source.
  • Solid Insert - convert your SewEzi tabletop into a solid surface.
  • Large Machine Brace - this brace only fits the SewEzi Portable. SewEzi recommends the table brace for sewing machines over 13kgs (29lbs). When purchasing a Portable Table for the Bernina 7 & 8 Series it is a compulsory requirement.
  • Leg Extensions - these add 22mm (7/8″) to each leg for people who are very tall or have difficulty with the normal operating height.

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Please provide your sewing machine make and model when ordering the SewEzi Additional Pre Cut Insert.

SewEzi Accessories available: