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SewEzi Accessories

A SewEzi sewing table is designed to create a better sewing experience wherever you want to sew. SewEzi tables make ideal sewing room furniture where you can complete your patchwork quilting and other home sewing projects, such as curtain making or dressmaking, and, unlike traditional sewing cabinets, have the added advantage of being able to be packed away when you need additional space. SewEzi sewing tables allow you to sew in any room of your house - whether you are lucky enough to have a sewing room or you simply want to sew in your living room. The SewEzi Portable sewing machine table is ideal for smaller spaces and to take to retreats and classes; the SewEzi Grande sewing machine table is the ideal sewing room workstation; the SewEzi Extension table allows you to extend your work surface, creating options in the sewing room and beyond; and the RECENTLY LAUNCHED SewEzi Cutting & Design Table is a drop leaf, height adjustable, table on castors.. A comprehensive range of accessories is available.

SewEzi sewing machine tables have a flat sewing surface. This flat sewing bed acts like a permanent extension table. It allows you to sew a few more inches at a time and supports the weight of your project, causing less drag, however, unlike traditional extension tables, your sewing machine does not sit on top of a table, it sits on a shelf below the tabletop, this means your arms are not raised those extra few inches and you benefit from less stress and strain across your neck and shoulders. This ergonomic design allows you to sew more comfortably for longer.

All SewEzi tables have a smooth working area made from MDF which is finished in white, the corners and edges of the tables are rounded to allow for the free movement of fabric.

SewEzi sewing tables really do make it so easy to sew wherever you want, look no further for sewing room furniture!

Quilters Quest are the sole distributors of SewEzi sewing tables in the UK and Ireland.