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Quilters Quest stock Calico / Muslin in the following widths: 45", 60", 90", 108" & 118". Calico is made from unbleached cotton and is an inexpensive way to back your projects. Calico / muslin is the staple 100% cotton fabric for all quilting, embroidery and creative projects. It's natural properties make it ideal for dyeing as well as being used in conjunction with other cotton fabrics as part of larger projects such as quilts and wall hangings etc.

We stock a luxurious premium calico / muslin that feels super-soft to touch; it is available in white and cream, search for premium calico in our search box.

Quilters Quest also stock Osnaburg - a coarse, linen type of fabric ideal for use as a background 45" wide; and PFD (Prepared for Dyeing) fabric is 45" wide.