Quilters Quest has a selection of Cotton, Polyester and Wool Waddings (Battings) available in different widths. Using a good quality, compressed wadding and 100% cotton backing fabric will dramatically improve the look, feel, and lifetime of your finished quilt. To work out how much wadding you need we recommend adding 6" to the final measurements of your patchwork quilt top - for example, if your quilt measures 76" x 78", we recommend your wadding piece should measure at least 82" x 84" - those extra few inches will allow you to put the layers together more easily and for any shrinkage during the quilting process. It is always better to have too much than too little wadding! The same applies to your backing fabric.

Quilters Quest waddings are sold in multiples of ¼ meters (10"). The price shown is for one quarter metre. To order the quantity you need simply enter the number of quarter metres in the Qty box. For example, if you would like to order 60" of a 90" wide wadding, simply enter 6 in the Qty box (6 x ¼m = 1½m, 6 x 10" = 60"). We will send you a piece of wadding measuring 60" x 90".