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Quilters Quest Cotton Fabrics & Materials for Patchwork and Quilting Projects

A lot of people start sewing because they would like to make a patchwork quilt. When picking fabrics for your patchwork and quilting projects it is crucial that you choose good quality cotton fabrics and materials that will stand the test of time. Cotton is the best material to use in a patchwork quilt because it washes and wears well. Quilters Quest has over 1500 bolts of cotton patchwork and quilting fabrics. Our sewing fabrics are high quality 100% cotton, perfectly suited for patchwork and quilting. Good quality, 100% cotton fabric is typically accepted as the best material for patchwork quilts and while patchwork cotton does have shrinkage, it typically shrinks less than cheaper cotton materials.

The colours in higher quality cotton fabrics are also less likely to bleed, although all fabrics should be tested for colour fastness when using them in patchwork quilts that will be washed. We recommend that fabrics and materials are pre-washed only if the finished project will be washed at some stage. Opinions on pre-washing fabric are wide and varied; there are pro’s and con’s to both sides of the argument but ultimately it is entirely up to you. Cotton patchwork quilting fabric can be pre-washed to remove excess dyes and to pre-shrink the fabric - a 100% cotton project could shrink by approximately 3% when washed, but this gives a lovely vintage look and feel.

What is normal width patchwork quilting fabric?

Normal width fabrics for patchwork and quilting are approximately 44-45” wide. Most of the patchwork and quilting fabrics here at Quilters Quest are 44" - 45" wide on the bolt, from selvedge to selvedge. Materials for patchwork and quilting are normally displayed on 'bolts'. Where you see ‘WOF’ on a patchwork pattern this means Width of Fabric and requires the patchwork quilting fabric to be cut across the width, from selvedge to selvedge; where a pattern says ‘cut lengthwise’ this means cut parallel to the selvedge. The selvage or selvedge is the term for the self-finished edges of fabric. The selvedge’s keep the material from unravelling or fraying. Pre-cut patchwork and quilting materials are available in different sizes - we will always state the width of each different fabric available.

What is the difference between a Long Quarter and a Fat Quarter when referring to patchwork and quilting fabrics?

A Long Quarter and a Fat Quarter refers to the amount of patchwork quilting fabric or material to be cut. A Fat Quarter is the equivalent to one quarter of a metre of normal width patchwork fabric, cut to approximately 19¾" x 21" (50cm x 55cm) across the fold of the fabric; it is squarish in appearance. A Long Quarter measures 10" x 44/45" (25cm x 112 cm) approximately and it is rectangular in shape. Lots of patchwork quilting patterns use Fat Quarters but Long Quarters can be just as useful depending on what size of fabric strips you need to cut.

Quilters Quest normal width patchwork fabric is sold online in multiples of quarter metres (25 centimetres; 10"); the price shown for each cotton material is for a single quarter metre. Orders of ‘1’ will be cut as a Long Quarter unless you select Fat Quarter from the dropdown menu. Orders for more than a single quarter metre of the same fabric will be cut as one piece. More information with charts are available here.

Patchwork and Quilting Fabric Bolts

Different patchwork and quilting fabrics and materials available from Quilters Quest

Batik Fabrics

Developed centuries ago in Indonesia, batik is a traditional ethnic craft involving the repeated waxing, dying, boiling and drying of fabrics to achieve vivid and highly original patterns. The variations in weave, colouration and texture are inherent in hand-dyed batik materials and are not to be considered imperfections. In time batik fabrics will gently soften. Batik fabrics are usually brightly coloured and vibrant making them ideal to use in patchwork quilts. Quilters Quest stock a selection of Hoffman California Fabrics.

Hoffman leads in the batik fabrics category as “the first, the finest and the favourite” of patchwork quilters around the world and as “quilting’s original Bali batik maker”. Hoffman batiks are handmade in Bali on premium cotton fabrics and the factory now runs a modern filtration system that returns rinse-water clear to the environment. All batik fabrics available from Quilters Quest are 100% cotton ideal for patchwork and quilting projects.

Discover Our Batik Fabrics

Cotton Fabrics Suitable for Children and Babies Patchwork Quilting Projects

Quilters Quest are delighted to offer a huge selection of cotton materials, including cot / crib panels, suitable for children's and baby’s patchwork quilting projects. These cotton patchwork quilting fabrics are available in a delightful array of colours, from pale pastels to bright primary colours. All our children's patchwork and quilting fabrics are 100% cotton.

Cotton materials are the smart choice for babies and children’s patchwork quilting projects for a number of reasons: cotton fabric is breathable; cotton materials wash well and are more durable, stains are more easily removed and cotton fabrics can be washed at higher temperatures.

Discover Our Childrens Cotton Range

Christmas Fabrics

At Quilters Quest we have over 100 bolts of cotton Christmas fabrics in stock, many of these are pre-cut into half metres and fat quarters ideal for patchwork quilting projects. We also stock a large selection of Christmas fabric panels. These panels include aprons, advent calendars, cushions, labels, and novelty stockings. All our Christmas materials are 100% cotton, and as always, ideal for patchwork and quilting.

Discover Our Christmas Fabrics

Cotton Fabric Panels

Quilters Quest has an ever-increasing stash of cotton fabric panels suitable for patchwork and quilting. Fabric panels come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, themes and colours - cushion panels, table mats, and Christmas panels to name but a few. All our fabric panels are 100% cotton, patchwork and quilting materials. We have an extensive range of fabric cot panels suitable for babies and children. Most of these are available as kits and offered with a co-ordinating backing fabric and the optional extras of co-ordinating pre-cut binding strips and wadding / batting – all the fabrics and materials needed to complete a patchwork quilt. We pre-cut binding strips to 2½" wide.

TOP QUILTING TIP: Fabric panels can be a great way to practise free-motion machine quilting. Pre-printed designs give you a great way to practice just about any free-motion sewing technique you want to improve, from basic stippling to precise outline stitching or intensive machine embroidery.

Discover Our Cotton Fabric Panels

Pre Cut Cotton Patchwork and Quilting Fabric Packs

Quilters Quest stock a colourful variety of pre-cut cotton fabric packs ideal for patchwork and quilting projects. We have Moda Jelly Rolls, Moda Layer Cakes and Moda Charm Packs; and in batik cottons, we have available Hoffman Bali Crackers, Hoffman Bali Pops, and Hoffman Bali Snaps. A Moda Jelly Roll consists of 40 individual 2½" x 44" pre-cut cotton patchwork quilting strips of fabric, a Moda Junior Jelly Roll has 20 different 2½" x 44" pre-cut fabric strips, a Moda Layer Cake contains 42 individual 10" pre-cut cotton squares of co-ordinating Moda patchwork fabrics, and a Moda Charm Pack has 42 different 5” pre-cut Moda quilting fabrics. Hoffman Bali Crackers contain 40 pre-cut 10" cotton fabric squares, Hoffman Bali Snaps contain 40 pre-cut 5" Hoffman fabric squares and Hoffman Bali Pops are made up of 40 co-ordinating Hoffman batik fabrics pre-cut into 2½" x 44" patchwork and quilting fabric strips.

Pre-cut packs have the advantage of saving you a lot of preparation time for your patchwork and quilting project; all the fabrics co-ordinate and the initial cutting has been done for you. All materials included in these packs are 100% cotton fabrics ideal for patchwork and quilting projects. The colour combinations are stunning and the construction process goes smoothly because the preliminary cutting is already done! These pre-cut packs are ideal for some of Quilters Quest One-Day Sewing Workshops. They also make an ideal gift for anyone who loves patchwork.

Discover Our Pre Cut Cotton Fabrics

Cotton Fabric Kits for Patchwork and Quilting Projects

Fabric Kits

Quilters Quest offers a selection of patchwork quilting fabric kits suitable for quilters of all skill levels - from beginners to advanced. We pride ourselves on our patchwork and quilting knowledge and expertise and every kit that we sell has been tried and tested by us to ensure that any instructions are easy to understand and that the end result is as described.

Our children's and baby panel kits do not come with instructions as none are needed; we simply layer the cotton fabric panel with wadding / batting and backing, quilt as desired, then finish with binding. These cotton panels make beautiful finished patchwork quilts that are the ideal size for a child or baby.

Discover Our Fabric Kits

Extra Wide Backing Fabrics for Patchwork and Quilting

At Quilters Quest we have a wide and colourful selection of extra-wide quilt backing materials. We offer a Longarm quilting service therefore it is important for us to be able to offer this choice. For us it is a no-brainer to use good quality cotton patchwork fabric on the back of a patchwork quilt - why would you want to use a bed sheet or poly-cotton material on the back of your beautiful quilt when you have used 100% cotton fabrics on the top?

Using good quality wadding and 100% cotton backing fabrics will dramatically improve the look, feel, and lifetime of your finished patchwork quilt. The advantages of using extra-wide backings for your patchwork and quilting projects are that your quilt backing will be one single piece and you will avoid the hassle of having to piece normal width fabrics together to cover the back of your larger quilts. This also means extra-wide backings are a more cost-effective way to back larger projects. All our extra wide quilt backings are 100% cotton, patchwork and quilting fabrics. We have a small number of Flannel / Brushed Cotton extra wide fabrics also available, these are also 100% cotton.

Discover Extra Wide Backing Fabric