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Richmond Reds Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll Richmond Reds

Designed by quilt historian Barbara Brackman, Richmond Reds, is a line of mid- to late-19th century reproductions with each print named after an American town, north and south. The signature print is a reproduction of a mid-19th century floral called Springfield, after Lincoln's hometown. The collection is not all red, but the classic madder red of the 1840-1880 era is the theme. There's also a subdued bronze shade of green, several rich browns....  There's even a patriotic print, a small outlined star from right after the American Civil War. Also included is a romanticized sepia colourway Barbara has named Aged.

  • 40 co-ordinating Moda patchwork & quilting fabric strips from the Richmond Reds collection.
  • Each strip is 2½" x 44" wide approximately, over 2½ metres of fabric in total.
  • This image below shows a selection of the different fabrics included in this Jelly Roll.
  • 100% cotton, patchwork and quilting fabric.
  • Makes an ideal gift for any patchworker!

 Jelly Roll Richmond Fabrics

UK £35.80