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Baby Face Kit

Baby Face Panel

  • This kit includes one Baby Face cot panel and co-ordinating backing fabric.
  • The panel measures 36" x 42", ideal size for children's cots or simply as a small quilt for a child or baby.
  • Pale blues, browns and white.
  • 100% cotton fabric, suitable for patchwork quilting and other home sewing projects - we layer the panel with wadding and backing, quilt as desired, add binding and it's finished!
  • Perfect present for a newborn baby!
  • The backing material supplied with this kit is:

Baby Face Dots

The price shown below is for one Baby Face panel and co-ordinating backing fabric; wadding and pre-cut binding can be added to this kit, simply select from the options below or leave blank. The price in brackets will be added to the price of the kit if selected.

UK £27.18 UK £25.00
Co-ordinating Pre-Cut Binding Strips: