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Reindeer Prance Stripe

Reindeer Prance 20565M 79

Reindeer Prance is the latest collection in the Stonehenge Starry Night series.  With a hint of metallic, Reindeer Prance brings to life the magical sparkle of the holiday season. Don't forget battery operated lights so you can light up your holiday wall hangings!

  • Reindeer Prance 20565M-79; designed by Deborah Edwards for Northcott Studio.
  • 5 repeating stripes from selvedge to selvedge, as shown in the picture; each each dark green section measures 6" approximately with the lighter green sections in between measuring 2¼" approximately.
  • 100% cotton, patchwork and quilting fabric.
  • 43/44" wide on the bolt.
  • Co-ordinating fabrics and panels available from Quilters Quest, simply search for 'Reindeer Prance' and 'Starry Night' in our search bar.
  • Free patterns also available.

Quilters Quest fabric is sold in multiples of ¼ metres (25 centimetres; 10"); the price shown is for ¼ metre. Orders of 1 will be cut as a Long quarter unless you select Fat Quarter from the dropdown menu. Please use the table below as a guide for ordering. Example: if you would like 1½ metres simply enter '6' in the quantity box (6 x ¼m = 1½m), this means you would be sent a piece of fabric measuring 43/44" x 60".

* A long quarter is 25cms x 110cms (10” x 44”) approximately; a fat quarter is 50cms x 55cms (19¾” x 21”) approximately.


THE PRICE SHOWN IS PER QUARTER METRE, a fat quarter of this fabric, if selected, will cut the middle stripe in half.

UK £3.30
SKU: RP_20565M79
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