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Extra Wide Fabric Backings for Quilting and Patchwork

The advantages of using extra-wide backings for your patchwork and quilting projects are that your quilt backings will be one single piece and you will avoid the hassle of having to piece normal width fabrics together to cover the back of your larger projects. This also means extra-wide backings are a more cost-effective way to back larger projects. All our extra wide backing fabrics are 100% cotton, patchwork and quilting fabrics. We have a small selection of Flannel / Brushed Cotton extra wides also available, these are also 100% cotton.

At Quilters Quest we are proud to offer a wide and colourful selection of extra-wide quilt backing fabrics. We offer a Longarm quilting service therefore it is important for us to be able to offer this choice. For us it is a no-brainer to use good quality patchwork cotton fabric on the back of our quilts - why would you want to use a sheet or poly-cotton on the back when you have used 100% cotton fabrics on the top? Using good quality wadding and 100% cotton backing fabrics will dramatically improve the look, feel, and lifetime of your finished quilt.

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